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Food, clothing, and shelter are considered the basic needs of man. Among these, the shelter has gone a long way from being just a basic need. The building where you stay is just a house. What makes it home is the customization you bring in. Home Decor plays a vital role in transforming a building (or simply a house) into a home. Over the ages, man has had a penchant for the aesthetic value of both indoor and outdoor venues. Home Decor gives shape to your imagination and makes your dream a reality.

The things that can complete your home include the artifacts that adorn the walls, the lights or chandeliers that hang from the ceiling, the clock that unfailingly reminds the time, or the doormat that welcomes people into your home - the list can never end. Go further, and you would love to have a beautiful couch adding to the look and feel of your walls and floor. A pretty cushion or bolster can further enhance the beauty of your couch. A center table, preferably with a glass top would be another must have.

Move to the dining area and your home decor would be able to tell you which one would be the best-suited dining table for your home. This would also include matching chairs and any accessories that can enhance the look of the table. The curtains over the window and any virtual partition also feature among the choices a home decor would help you make. In the bedroom, you know what is the most important thing - of course, the bed. The pillow covers, the bed sheet, and the blanket would complete your bedroom along with a gorgeous night lamp. A side table can add that extra bit of utility too. Lying in the bed, you may wish to gaze at the sky. Your home decor will offer you solutions such as night glowing ceiling stickers that can mimic the feel of staring at the sky too.